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🐛 document tab bugs so that there aren't any surprises for our users

- resize issue:
- tab 2 by default issue:

Once those issues are resolved, we should remove these items from the
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chriddyp committed Aug 13, 2018
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@@ -1018,6 +1018,16 @@
Note that this method has a couple of drawbacks:
- It requires that you compute the children property for each individual
tab _upfront_ and send all of the tab's content over the network _at once_.
The callback method allows you to compute the tab's content _on the fly_
(that is, when the tab is clicked).
- There have been some bug reports that graphs are not getting resized
properly if this method is being used. See [dash-core-components#256](
for more details.
- The second tab, instead of the first tab, is selected by default.
This is a bug and will be fixed. Track our progress in [dash-core-components#262](
html.H3('Tabs properties'),

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