Plotly Go API
Latest commit edac40a Nov 2, 2014 @abourget abourget Improvements over
Slightly better models of the API.

Much work still needed:
 * Configurability of the endpoints
 * Improve and simplify the model for all graph types
 * do more checking
 * Deploy documentation with the Go struct models.. which is quite different
   from Python or other languages.
 * Implement all network operations, like download, export, update, etc..
 * Implement the streaming stuff
 * Generally structure the thing
 * Write tests

Plotly Go API

The Go API is heavily based on the work by

This package provides wrapper functions for Plotly's HTTP API.

Install the library with:

go get


In order to use this package you require API credentials from Plotly. These may be stored in:

  1. .plotly_credentials.json
  2. plotly_credentials.json
  3. $HOME/plotly_credentials.json
  4. $HOME/.plotly_credentials.json
  5. /etc/plotly/.plotly_credentials.json
  6. /etc/plotly/plotly_credentials.json
  7. Environment variables named PLOTLY_USERNAME and PLOTLY_APIKEY

If more than one of these are available, the highest one in the list takes preference.

The .json files should contain the following:



An example program is provided in this repository.


This is a work in process.

One important thing to be aware of is that the plotly API always returns 200, so checking for an error from the request is not suitable, rather look at the error field in the response.