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@etpinard etpinard released this Jan 18, 2018 · 4654 commits to master since this release


  • Completely rewritten scattergl trace type using regl [#2258]
  • Completely rewritten polar chart renderer accompanied by new
    scatterpolar and scatterpolargl trace types [#2200]
  • Add the ability to draw layout images and layout shapes on subplot
    with scattergl traces [#2258]
  • Add fill capabilities to scattergl traces [#2258]
  • Add spikedistance, hoverdistance and skipsnap for more customizable
    spikes and hover behavior on cartesian subplots [#2247]
  • Add official Spanish translation (locale es) [#2249]
  • Add official French translation (locale fr) [#2252]
  • Add locale machinery to annotation new text placeholder [#2257]


  • Old polar trace types (scatter with (r,t) coordinates,
    bar with (r,t) coordinates and area) are now deprecated.


  • Fix gl2d tick label on pan interaction regression [#2258]
  • Fix candlestick hover label regression (bug introduced in v1.32.0) [#2264]
  • Fix several gl2d axis related bugs with new regl-based scattergl [#2258]
    See full list under the On-par gl2d milestone
  • Fix several polar bugs with scatterpolar [#2200].
    See full list under the On-par polar milestone
  • Fix scattergl marker.colorscale handling [#2258]
  • Fix ternary relayout calls involving axis tick styles and titles [#2200]
  • Fix decimal and thousands settings in de locale [#2246]
  • Make scroll handler passive, removing those annoying console warnings [#2251]
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