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@etpinard etpinard released this May 1, 2018 · 3744 commits to master since this release


  • Add plotly_legendclick and plotly_legenddoubleclick events [#2581]
  • Add Swahili (sw) locale [#2526]


  • Improve cartesian trace update and removal by using more d3-iomatic patterns.
    This results in some performance improvements during redraws [#2574]
  • Our internal Lib.nestedProperty no longer prunes empty containers in, gd.layout, gd._fullData and gd._fulllayout.
    We made this change to clean up some of the Plotly.react internals.
    This also lead to a slight performance boost [#2577]


  • Fix Plotly.react's handling of transformed traces [#2577]
  • Fix Safari support for scattergl and splom traces [#2593]
  • Fix scattergl point clustering edge cases [#2593]
  • Fix scattergl selection after double-click on graphs
    with more than 1e5 points [#2593]
  • Fix artificial number of lines limit in scattergl traces [#2568]
  • Fix typed array support in color array in scattergl traces [#2596]
  • Fix typed array support for splom traces [#2596]
  • Make scatter and scattercarpet coexist on same subplot [#2574]
  • Fix incorrect fallback border color for axis common hover labels [#2557]
  • Fix handling of blank editable legend items [#2587]
  • Fix spikelines positioning in Firefox [#2590]
  • Fix Plotly.react modebar updates when the locale changes [#2592]
  • Fix scatter selection performance regression (dating back to 1.32.0) [#2583]
  • Fix plotly_beforeplot and plotly_beforehover event handlers when attached
    with gd.once [#2581]
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