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@etpinard etpinard released this Jul 5, 2018 · 3309 commits to master since this release


  • Add distributed npm packages for the main plotly.js bundle and all our partial
    bundles for easy installation and bundling [#2670]
  • Add template machinery along with helpers methods Plotly.makeTemplate and
    Plotly.validateTemplate [#2764]
  • Add 3D streamtube traces [#2658]
  • Add support for on-graph text in scattergl traces [#2737, #2783]
  • Add gridshape attribute to polar subplots with values 'circular' (the
    default) and 'linear' (to draw polygon grids) [#2739]
  • Add 'range' and 'change' aggregate transform functions [#2764]
  • Add visible attribute to rangeselector and updatemenu buttons, slider
    steps and mapbox layout layers as well as tickformatstops items [#2761]
  • Add support for colorbar linked to marker.color values for splom,
    scatterpolar and scatterpolargl traces [#2681]
  • Revamp icon settings in custom mode bar buttons, allowing users to specify
    their own dimensions and SVG transforms [#2762]
  • Add plotlyServerURL config option [#2760]
  • Added no-WebGL warnings for graphs with scattergl, scatterpolargl, splom
    and parcoords traces [#2697]


  • plotly_afterplot is now emitted after all edit types [#2773]
  • Trace uid is no longer mutated into user trace objects [#2681]
  • No longer add marker.line in scattermapbox fullData [#2766]
  • Use regl@1.3.6 [#2694]
  • Use mapbox-gl@0.45.0 [#2709]


  • Fix Plotly.react's handling of changing auto-margins [#2681]
  • Make plotting/updating WebGL-based traces fail gracefully when WebGL isn't
    supported [#2697]
  • Fix mapbox layout layer updates [#2734]
  • Fix mapbox event inconsistencies [#2766]
  • Correctly emit plotly_relayout at end of scroll on mapbox subplots [#2709]
  • Fix scatter3d scalar hovertext handling [#2698]
  • Fix line decimation for segments crossing the viewport [#2705]
  • Fix surface trace contours when first level has length zero [#2712]
  • Fix contour(x|y|z).highlight partial settings [#2712]
  • Fix old date timezone precision in Chrome 67+ [#2747]
  • Fix Plotly.validate for attribute with trailing numbers (e.g. x0, y1) [#2761]
  • Fix x-only zoom moves when xaxis.fixedrange: true[#2776]
  • Fix colorbar edits for parcoords and histogram traces [#2681]
  • Fix bandwidth for single-value violins [#2775]
  • Sanitize margin after 'autosize' relayouts [#2758]
  • Make Plots.resize work when layout attribute is gone from graph div [#2710]
  • Fix colorscale attribute descriptions [#2658]
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