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@etpinard etpinard released this Sep 12, 2018 · 2829 commits to master since this release


  • Enable selection by clicking on points via new layout attribute clickmode
    and flag 'select' [#2944]
  • Add stacked area charts via new attributes stackgroup and stackgaps in
    scatter traces [#2960]
  • Add barpolar traces - which replace and augment area traces [#2954]
  • Add polar.hole to punch hole at the middle of polar subplot offsetting the
    start of the radial range [#2977, #2996]
  • Add an 'inner' radial axis drag box on polar subplots [#2977]
  • Add {responsive: true} plot config option [#2974]
  • Emit plotly_webglcontextlost event on WebGL context lost [#2986]
  • Support all numbered HTML entities (decimal and hex) in text elements [#2932]
  • Add Welsh (cy) locale [#2945]


  • Attribute meta information is now stripped be stripped out of bundles (made
    with bundlers that support browserify transforms) by default [#1584]
  • Draw polar axis ticks above polar axis lines [#2977]
  • Improve ordering of trace hover labels for matching positions [#2960]
  • Speed polar subplot radial drag interactions [#2954]
  • Improve pseudo-html conversion performance [#2932]
  • Bump regl-splom requirement to ^1.0.4 [#2956]
  • Bump glslify requirement to ^6.3.1 [#2990]
  • Use gl-text instead of @etpinard/gl-text [#2956]


  • Fix scatter ordering in inner SVG <g> on some restyle calls [#2978]
  • Fix cartesian axis autorange edge cases [#2960]
  • Fix double-decoding of some HTML entities in text nodes [#2927]
  • Fix scattergl line traces rendered after non-line traces [#2990]
  • Fix legend positioning on graphs with very large margins [#2983]
  • Fix rendering of ternary subplots fix with showticklabels: false [#2993]
  • Fix show/hide updates of tick and tick labels on ternary subplots [#2993]
  • Fix handling of multi-selections in ternary subplots [#2944]
  • Fix sankey hover under hovermode: false [#2949]
  • Fix sankey positioning for non-default domain.x values [#2984]
  • Fix type: 'date' polar radial axes [#2954]
  • Fix send-to-cloud modebar buttons on graphs with typed arrays [#2995]
  • Fix handling of custom transforms that make their own data arrays in
  • Fix missing violin and colorbar attributes in gd._fullData [#2850]
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