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@etpinard etpinard released this Apr 9, 2019 · 454 commits to master since this release


  • New volume gl3d trace type [#3488]
  • Implement node grouping via box and lasso selections for sankey traces [#3712, #3750]
  • Implement hovermode: 'x' for sankey traces,
    allowing users to compare links in a flow on hover [#3730]
  • Add way for Plotly.toImage and Plotly.downloadImage to export images
    with current graph width/height by passing width/height option as null [#3746]
  • Add legend attribute itemsizing with value 'constant' making legend item symbol sizing
    independent of the sizing of their corresponding trace item [#3732]
  • Add hoverlabel.align with value 'left', 'right' and 'auto' to set the horizontal
    alignment of the text content within hover labels [#3753]
  • Add contour.start, contour.end and contour.size attribute to surface traces [#3469]
  • Add isosurface and volume to the gl3d bundle [#3488]


  • Allow re-plot during drag interactions [#3716]
  • Use high-precision in scattergl error bars shader [#3739]


  • Fix implementation of geo lonaxis and lataxis attribute tick0 [#3706]
  • Fix scrollZoom: false configuration on mapbox subplots [#3745]
  • Fix rendering of alpha channel in mesh3d traces [#3744]
  • Fix hoverlabel.namelength: 0 case [#3734]
  • Fix implementation of hoverlabel.namelength for pie, sankey, sunburst and
    the gl3d traces [#3734]
  • Fix waterfall rendering when transforms filter out all
    increasing or decreasing bars [#3720]
  • Fix clip-path attributes for pages with parenthesis in their <base> URL [#3725]
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