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@archmoj archmoj released this Oct 29, 2019 · 64 commits to master since this release


  • Add image trace type [#4289, #4307, #4313, #4319]
  • Add automargin attribute in pie traces, enabling outside text labels
    to push the margins [#4278]
  • Add title.standoff attribute to cartesian axes, setting the
    distance in pixels between the tick labels and the axis title [#4279]
  • Add hoverongaps attribute to heatmap and contour traces,
    for suppressing hover labels on missing data [#4291]
  • Add args2 attribute to updatemenus buttons which can be used to
    create toggle buttons [#4305]
  • Add zh-CN locale [#4276, #4310]


  • Introduce workarounds for "common" (aka axis) hover label clipping
    about the graph's viewport [#4298]
  • No longer accept trace domain settings where end is not greater
    than start [#4304]


  • Fix streamtube coloring and positioning when generated
    with non-xyz grid signatures [#4271]
  • Fix trace-type update calls on mapbox subplots [#4295]
  • Fix width of box and violin items on log position axes [#4283]
  • Fix box/meanline offset for one-sided vertical violin traces [#4314]
  • Fix missing gaps in some scattergl line traces [#4316]
  • Fix event data during scroll on gl3d subplots with orthographic projections [#4292]
  • Handle data with identical positions in cone traces [#4306]
  • Handle invalid entry before trying to render treemap trace [#4312]
  • Fix heatmap and contour description for connectgaps [#4284]
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