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@archmoj archmoj released this
· 1283 commits to master since this release
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  • Add new number formatting and text alignment options by upgrading d3.format method from d3@v3 to version 1.4.5 of d3-format module [#5125, #5842]
  • Add "satellite" and several other projection types to geo subplots [#5801]
  • Improve rendering of scattergl, splom and parcoords by implementing plotGlPixelRatio for those traces [#5500]


  • Upgrade d3.geo method from d3@v3 to version 1.12.1 of d3-geo module and version 2.9.0 of d3-geo-projection module [#5112]
  • Upgrade d3.interpolate method from d3@v3 to version 1.4.0 of d3-interpolate module in icicle, indicator, parcats, sunburst and treemap [#5826]
  • Upgrade regl-scatter2d, regl-line2d and regl-error2d modules to use version 1.1.0 of to-float32 module to improve the performance [#5786], with thanks to @Seranicio for the contribution!
  • Edit the type of constraintrange in parcoords trace to pass validation [#5673]
  • Sort object key values in schema [#5813]
  • Sort plot-schema and add test to track plot-schema changes [#5776]
  • Preview CHANGELOG when building dist on master [#5780, #5808]
  • Preview plot-schema changes between releases when building dist on master [#5814]
  • Display changes made to package.json between versions and add identical tags to draft bundles created by publish-dist job on CircleCI [#5815]
  • Simplify devtool by relying on XMLHttpRequest instead of d3.json [#5832]
  • Update CONTRIBUTING guidelines on how to submit pull requests and generate new baseline [#5791, [#5792]]


  • Fix unknown filename when exporting charts using new versions of Safari [#5609, 5838], with thanks to @rlreamy for the contribution!
  • Improve README for ES6 module import [#5779], with thanks to @andreafonso for the contribution!
  • Position hover in respect to the average of values in (x|y) unified modes (regression introduced in 2.0.0) [#5845]
  • Fix hover with period alignment points and improve positioning of spikes and unified hover label
    in order not to obscure referring data points and fit inside plotting area [#5846]
  • Allow clickable legend group titles when group has no pie-like traces [#5771]
  • Fix mapbox line text example [#5804]
  • Fix links to time format options so that they point to the d3-time-format v2.2.3 applied not the latest [#5818]