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2021-07-25 Important bug found in release.

A new point release will be forthcomming in the
next couple of days.  Sooner if no other release
bugs are reported.

Squashfs-tools 4.5 released (2021-07-22)


This is now the main development repository for Squashfs-Tools.

The kernel directories are obsolete, all kernel code is now in
mainline at

kernel-2.4: If you still need Squashfs support in the 2.4 kernel
then use the squashfs 3.2-r2 release.  This is the last release
that has a Mksquashfs which generates filesystems mountable with
Squashfs patched 2.4 kernels.  This release has patches for 2.4
kernels (but they have not been updated since the 3.1 release).