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RLBox sandboxing API (in C++ 17). This code has been tested on 64-bit versions of Ubuntu, Mac OSX and Windows.

Reporting security bugs

If you find a security bug, please do not create a public issue. Instead, file a security bug on bugzilla using the following template link.

Using this library

RLBox is a general purpose sandboxing API that can be used to interact with library sandboxed with different backends --- WebAssembly, Native Client, libraries running in a separate process etc. Support for each backend is provided by a separate plugin that must also be downloaded separately.

See the online docs for more details.

The RLBox library is a header only library, so you can directly download this repo and use include the contents of code/include/ in your application. On Linux/Mac machines, you can optionally install the headers as well with make install.

Support for cmake's find_package API is also included. See the example in examples/hello-world-cmake.

Running the tests

  1. Setup a build folder and then build.

    cmake -S . -B ./build -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

    You can build with cmake:

    cmake --build ./build --config Release --parallel

    or make:

    cd build && make -j
  2. To test:

    With cmake:

    cd build && ctest -V

    or with make (on Linux/Mac):

    cd build && make test

    When running with ASAN and UBSAN:

    cd build && cmake -E env LSAN_OPTIONS=suppressions=../leak_suppressions.txt UBSAN_OPTIONS=suppressions=../ub_suppressions.txt ctest -V

Currently rlbox has been tested and should work with gcc-7 or later and clang-5, Visual Studio 2019 (possibly previous versions as well) or later. If you are using other compilers/compiler versions (like mingw), these may also be supported. Simply run the test suite and check that everything passes.

Install the library (Linux/Mac only)

Configure the build with cmake in the same way that previous paragraph. Then simply run:

cd build
make install

If you want to disable building tests, you can add -DBUILD_TESTING=OFF when invoking cmake the first time. This will also remove the Catch2 dependency.

cmake -S . -B ./build -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DBUILD_TESTING=OFF

Using/Building docs

You can view the pre-built docs checked in to the repo in the docs folder. Alternatively, you can build these yourself with the steps here.

Contributing Code/Docs

  1. To contribute code, it is recommended you install clang-tidy which the build uses if available. Install using:

    On Ubuntu:

    sudo apt install clang-tidy

    On Arch Linux:

    sudo pacman -S clang-tidy
  2. It is recommended you use the dev mode for building during development. This treat warnings as errors, enables clang-tidy checks, runs address sanitizer etc. Also, you probably want to use the debug build. To do this, adjust your build settings as shown below

    cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DDEV=ON -S . -B ./build
    cd build
  3. After making changes to the source, add any new required tests and run all tests (as described earlier).

  4. Modify the docs as appropriate and rebuild docs as described earlier. Rebuilding is required if you have added new APIs.

  5. To make sure all code/docs are formatted with, we use clang-format. Install using:

    On Ubuntu:

    sudo apt install clang-format

    On Arch Linux:

    sudo pacman -S clang-format
  6. Format code with the format-source target:

    cmake --build ./build --target format-source
  7. Submit the pull request.


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