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The Racket Programming Language
Instructions for building Racket from source are in src/README.
The main executables in this package:
* DrRacket: Racket's integrated development environment (start here!).
* racket: command-line tool for running Racket programs.
* raco: command-line tool for compilation, documentation, and more.
More Information
For Racket documentation, use DrRacket's `Help' menu, run the `Racket
Documentation' application (Windows or Mac OS X), or run `raco docs'
from a command line.
Visit us at
for more Racket resources.
Copyright (c) 2010-2013 PLT Scheme Inc.
Racket is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License
(LGPL). This means that you can link Racket into proprietary
applications, provided you follow the rules stated in the LGPL. You can
also modify Racket; if you distribute a modified version, you must
distribute it under the terms of the LGPL, which in particular means
that you must release the source code for the modified software. See
doc/release-notes/COPYING.txt for more information.
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