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Commits on Jul 29, 2015
  1. @mflatt

    repair for nexted splicing forms that define the same name

    mflatt authored
    Nested splicing forms would lead to an "ambigious binding" error
    when the nested forms bind the same name, such as in
     (splicing-let ([a 1])
       (splicing-let ([a 2])
         (define x a)))
    The problem is that splicing is implemented by adding a scope to
    everything in the form's body, but removing it back off the
    identifiers of a definition (so the `x` above ends up with no new
    scopes). Meanwhile, a splicing form expands to a set of definitions,
    where the locally bound identifier keeps the extra scope (unlike
    definitions from the body). A local identifier for a nested splicing
    form would then keep the inner scope but lose the outer scope, while
    a local identifier from the outer splicing form would keep the outer
    scope but no have the inner one --- leading to ambiguity.
    The solution in this commit is to annotate a local identifier for a
    splicing form with a property that says "intended to be local", so the
    nested definition will keep the scope for the outer splicing form as
    well as the inner one. It's not clear that this is the right approach,
    but it's the best idea I have for now.
Commits on Jul 28, 2015
  1. @bennn @mflatt

    typo: `prefix` struct field name

    bennn authored mflatt committed
    Change `inspector-desc` to `src-inspector-desc`
  2. @AlexKnauth @mflatt

    Fix check-syntax arrows within units

    AlexKnauth authored mflatt committed
  3. @stamourv
  4. @mflatt

    syntax/module-reader: add a `#:module-wrapper` option

    mflatt authored
    A `#:module-wrapper` option is useful for adding a scope to an
    entire `module` form.
  5. @jeapostrophe

    clarify text

    jeapostrophe authored
  6. @jeapostrophe
  7. @mflatt

    fix top-level scope introduction

    mflatt authored
    Although `eval-syntax` is not supposed to add the current namespace's
    "outer edge" scope, it must add the "inner edge" scope to be consistent
    with adding the inner edge to every intermediate expansion (as in
    other definition contexts).
    In addition, `eval`, `eval-syntax`, `expand`, and `expand-syntax`
    did not cooperate properly with `local-expand` on the inner edge.
  8. @stamourv
  9. @stamourv
  10. @bennn @stamourv

    typo: ARepresents -> Represents

    bennn authored stamourv committed
    In description for `decoded-module-binding`
  11. @stamourv
Commits on Jul 27, 2015
  1. @takikawa
  2. @AlexKnauth @mflatt

    fix doc typos

    AlexKnauth authored mflatt committed
  3. @btlachance @mflatt

    Fix bugs/typos in docs for contracts and quote-syntax

    btlachance authored mflatt committed
    1st is a small grammatical mistake
    2nd is in a section about ->* yet mistakenly -> is referred to
    3rd is about recontract-out yet contract-out is mentioned instead
    4th clarifies return value for value-contract
    5th replaces free-identifier? with free-identifier=?
Commits on Jul 26, 2015
  1. @rpaulo @mflatt

    sconfig: FreeBSD uses clang.

    rpaulo authored mflatt committed
  2. @rpaulo @mflatt

    sconfig: add FreeBSD/arm.

    rpaulo authored mflatt committed
  3. @mflatt

    remove unused counter

    mflatt authored
  4. @mflatt

    JIT: repair some runstack-pointer syncs

    mflatt authored
    Some failure paths were missing an update before calling failure
    code, and the new failure paths need to unconditionally update the
    runstack pointer (because the common stub doesn't know whether the
    calling context needs an update).
  5. @mflatt

    fix test for module cache

    mflatt authored
    The test didn't retain a relevant namespace, so the test could fail
    due to GC timing.
Commits on Jul 25, 2015
  1. @gus-massa

    Jitinline string-length and bytes-length

    gus-massa authored
    Previously only the unsafe versions were inlined in the jit compiler.
  2. @mflatt

    raco setup: fix bootstrap phase to recognize indirect dependencies

    mflatt authored
    Recent changes introduced an indirect dependency in the core of
    `raco setup` --- possibly the recent addition to `racket/place`.
  3. @mflatt

    make-syntax-introducer: add optional argument to change kind of scope

    mflatt authored
    Genereating a use-site scope, instead of a macro-introduction scope,
    prevents the scope's presense from triggering a #f result from
Commits on Jul 23, 2015
  1. @stamourv

    Move part of unstable/logging to racket/logging.

    stamourv authored
    ... and improve and extend its interface at the same time.
  2. @stamourv

    Add missing label require.

    stamourv authored
  3. @stamourv

    Doc typo.

    stamourv authored
  4. @stamourv
  5. @stamourv
  6. @apg @stamourv

    Replace celcius (a common mispelling) with celsius

    apg authored stamourv committed
  7. @mflatt
  8. @mflatt
  9. @mflatt

    change bytecode marshaling of scopes

    mflatt authored
    This change mostly reverts 1465ff2, which turned out to be a hassle
    because it created more cyclic structure.
    A simpler strategy is to allow a phase-specific scope to be detached
    (perhaps temporarily, due to on-demand loading of bytecode) from its
    group; when that's possible, the scope is not reachable from a place
    where it can be moved to other syntax objects, so it's ok to be
    detached. Debugging output needs to handle that gracefully, though.
    Also, in case of broken bytecode, fix up a detached scope if it
    does end up in an unexpected place.
Commits on Jul 22, 2015
  1. @samth

    Provide `promise/name?`.

    samth authored
  2. @mflatt
  3. @mflatt

    raco exe: fix interaction of submodules and using source

    mflatt authored
    Also, fix the interaction of submodules plus `--collects-dest`, but
    there's room for improvement there in pruning unused submodules.
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