Calculating ROUGE score between two files (line-by-line)
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Given two files with the same number of lines, files2rouge calculates the average ROUGE scores of each sequence (=line). Each sequence may contain multiple sentences. In this case, the end of sentence string must be passed using the --eos flag (default: "."). Running files2rouge with a wrong eos delimiter may lead to incorrect ROUGE-L score.

$ files2rouge -h
usage: files2rouge [-h] [-v] [-s SAVETO] [-e EOS] summary reference

Calculating ROUGE score between two files (line-by-line)

positional arguments:
  summary               Path of summary file
  reference             Path of references file

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         Prints ROUGE logs
  -s SAVETO, --saveto SAVETO
                        File to save scores
  -e EOS, --eos EOS     End of sentence separator (for multisentence).
                        Default: "."

Getting Started

0) Install prerequisites

pip install -U git+

(NOTE: running pip install pyrouge would not work as the package is out of date on PyPI)

1) Clone the repo, setup the module and ROUGE

git clone     
cd files2rouge
python install

Do not forget to run setup_rouge

2) Run

files2rouge summaries.txt references.txt

Outputs: When --verbose is set, the script prints progress and remaining time on stderr. This can be changed using --verbose in order to outputs ROUGE execution logs.

Default output example:

Preparing documents...
Running ROUGE...
1 ROUGE-1 Average_R: 0.28242 ( 0.25721 - 0.30877)
1 ROUGE-1 Average_P: 0.30157 ( 0.27114 - 0.33506)
1 ROUGE-1 Average_F: 0.28196 ( 0.25704 - 0.30722)
1 ROUGE-2 Average_R: 0.10395 ( 0.08298 - 0.12600)
1 ROUGE-2 Average_P: 0.11458 ( 0.08873 - 0.14023)
1 ROUGE-2 Average_F: 0.10489 ( 0.08303 - 0.12741)
1 ROUGE-L Average_R: 0.25231 ( 0.22709 - 0.27771)
1 ROUGE-L Average_P: 0.26830 ( 0.23834 - 0.29818)
1 ROUGE-L Average_F: 0.25142 ( 0.22741 - 0.27533)

Elapsed time: 0.458 secondes


One can specify which ROUGE args to use using the flag --args (or -a).
The default behavior is equivalent to:

files2rouge summary.txt reference.txt -a "-c 95 -r 1000 -n 2 -a" # be sure to write args betwen double-quotes

You can find more informations about these arguments here

Known issues

  • - XML::Parser dependency error: see issue #9.

More informations