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bazaar Init.
dzil Init.
irssi Update irssi config
tmuxinator Sleep before zeus s.
vim Remove old golang files
.gitignore Add irssi config.
.gitmodules Remove oh-my-zsh. Add newline at the end of readme.
ackrc Init.
agignore Add vendor/gems to agignore.
asshrc Change username in asshrc.
bash_profile Add bash_profile
bashrc Execute dotfiles install script only if available. Fix typos
gemrc Remove gems source. Replace bashrc magic. Fix parse_git_dirty.
gitconfig Add tagx alias
gitignore-global Fix global gitignore
htoprc Init.
ideavimrc Add ideavimrc Speed things up.
lldbinit Install chisel via homebrew.
llrc Init.
minicpanrc Switch mirror
muttrc Init.
perltidyrc Init.
plu.zsh-theme Update themes.
profile Init.
psqlrc Add psqlrc.
rvmrc Fix rvmrc
screenrc Init.
sqliterc Add sqliterc.
tmux-osx.conf Split tmux config.
tmux.conf Split tmux config.
vimrc Map F2 to VimuxRunLastCommand
wgetrc Init.
zshrc Whitespace++


cd ~/
ln -s .dotfiles/bashrc .bashrc
ln -s .dotfiles/profile .profile
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