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Revision history for Log-Handler-Output-Gearman
0.01003 Thu Nov 06 2009
- New method reload() (supported since Log::Handler 0.62)
- New method gearman_client(), returns Gearman::XS::Client instance
- Removed prepare_message option since this is supported by Log::Handler
itself already
0.01002 Thu Jul 16 2009
- Adapt error handling of other Log::Handler::Output modules
0.01001 Wed Jul 15 2009
- Renamed 'encode_message' to 'prepare_message'
0.01000_02 Wed Jul 15 2009
- Fixed Log::Handler::add() integration (this implies removing per
message basis options)
- Changed host/port parameters to an arrayref containing 'host:port'
- Added new hook 'encode_message' to encode a log message before
it's being sent to a Gearman worker
0.01000_01 Tue Jul 14 2009
- Initial developer release.
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