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Frequently Asked Questions

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On this page you can find some of the most frequently asked questions about pluck, and the answers to that questions.

Pluck told me "update check failed". Why is this, and how can I check for updates?

Pluck uses the CURL-library from PHP to check for updates from the pluck server. This CURL-library therefore needs to be present on the server you are running pluck on. Unfortunately, not all servers have this library installed. If your server doesn't have the library, the error "update check failed" will be triggered.

Ok. What can I do about it?

Well, you can ask the administrator of your server to install the CURL-library on your server. The other thing you could do is check for updates manually by checking the Releases page.

I'm using Hebrew language, but my website shows up weird. What's going on?

A: Pluck uses a little script to convert all normal themes to rtl (right-to-left) themes. This script is very clever and will convert 99% of the themes successfully. However, sometimes themes are just not build for rtl-support, and despite the successful conversion, they will not show up the way they should. If you think you can fix the error yourself, you can take a look in the themedirectory (data/themes/themename), where you can find the rtl CSS-file (it's named style-rtl.css).

My site contains a link: "powered by pluck". How can I buy a license to remove this link?

A: A license? Not needed! Pluck, licensed under the GPL, is completely open source! This means that anyone may make whatever changes to the source code, and afterwards may also redistribute it, all for free. Commercial redistribution is also allowed. Note though, that the GPL clearly states that copyright notices may not be removed.

Changing the Password There is way to reset a lost password. But you can modify it via ftp!

To do so, edit the value for ww in data\settings\pass.php

$ww = 'ba3253876aed6bc22d4a6ff53d8406c6ad864195ed144ab5c87621b6c233b548baeae6956df346ec8c17f5ea10f35ee3cbc514797ed7ddd3145464e2a0bab413';

This lines change the password to "123456".

Then login, click 'options' and change the password