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Redmine API scripts for Hubot
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[[ Temporary storage here while I work on it ]]

Hubot Redmine

Light mapping of the Redmine REST API that allows hubot access to some basic redmine tasks. Once you have a redmine user (preferably one with enough access to modify tickets), add the following to your heroku/etc. config:

heroku config:add HUBOT_REDMINE_BASE_URL=""
heroku config:add HUBOT_REDMINE_TOKEN="your api token here"


Showing ticket details

  • Hubot show me [ticket]
  • Hubot redmine me [ticket]

Showing my tickets (or another user's)

  • Hubot show my tickets
  • Hubot show [user]'s tickets ** [user] will attempt to match on redmine firstname or login

Re-Assigning tickets

  • Hubot assign [ticket] to [user]

Leaving notes on tickets

  • Hubot update [ticket] with "[note]"

More coming!

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