collection of all test helpers that we commonly use in our projects
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Gem Version

pludoni GmbH's RSpec helper for modern Rails apps (+5.1, RSpec > 3.5)

Just include in your spec_helper / rails_helper

ENV["RAILS_ENV"] ||= 'test'

require 'pludoni_rspec'

What's done:

  • Maintain Test Schema

  • spec/support/**.rb will be loaded for overriding in projects

  • describe 'what', freeze_time: '2018-01-01 12:00' do Tag for examples. If Timecop is available, this will be used, otherwise Rails 5.x default travel_to

  • Simplecov coverage recording started at beginning

  • Capybara+Chromedriver config with Chromedriver, Headless (will probably not work on OSX though)

    • Available Helper:
    • console_logs - Show console log output of browser
    • drop_in_dropzone(file_path) - drop a file into the first "Dropzone"
    • screenshot(path=nil) - make a screenshot to public/screenshots/*.png
    • skip_confirm(page) - ignore all confirm('') alert boxes from now
    • in_browser('user_1') do ... end - simulate multi-user scenarios / change browser session
  • Rspec configs:

    • Persistence Path: tmp/rspec.failed.txt to enable --next-failure / --only-failures switches
    • executable: nf and of
      • nf -> rspec --next-failure
      • of -> rspec --only-failures
    • clears ActionMailer deliveries before each scenario
    • default backtrace without rails, fabrication, grape, rack
    • fixtures in spec/fixtures
    • Transactional Fixtures enabled - no DatabaseCleaner needed anymore for Rails > 5.1

Optional - Loaded if companion gem is available:

  • VCR - sensible VCR is available (not required by Gem)

  • Devise - Test helpers loaded, if Devise is available, and included in Controller specs

  • Shared Contexts that can be included on demand:

    • include_context 'mails' - For working with ActionMailer::Base.deliveries
      • mails_with(to: '') - Filter mails sent to a user
      • last_mail == ActionMailer::Base.deliveries.last
      • mails == ActionMailer::Base.deliveries
      • extract_link_from(last_mail, link: 0) - gets you the link (without protocol + host) of the first link in the last mail with a html body
    • include_context 'active_job_inline'
      • all ActiveJobs will be run immediately in this group