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extensions - Unofficial Community Documentation

The Community

You can join the Discord group here.

The aim of this is to help developers in a clean way, with how the API works, so that minimal harm can come to the service of It is here to explain how things work so that developers need not test and consume resources of the service.

We are here to encourage best practices. Every effort should be taken to protect the users of Information posted should never encourage abusing the API, harming users with the collection of data, or spamming and/or causing the site any harm

Rules For Contributing

  • Please use the staging branch, this way they can be edited before they go live. Only hot fixes should hit the master branch.
  • Do not expose bugs, hacks or exploits! Make a ticket over at support, so that they can be patched or fixed.
  • Keep it clean, clear and relevant.
  • If you spot wrong information, please submit an issue or a pull request correcting it.
  • If a method or an aspect of the API becomes deprecated, do not delete, but instead mark it as deprecated.
  • Unordered lists must be in alphabetical order.
  • Please spell check everything you write.
  • Lines must not be more than 120 characters in length, this makes it easier to read in a text editor.


Thank you for making this project possible by contributing!


The information provided here is as, without warranty. Any action you may take upon reading this information is of your own volition. Please understand that any of the information here may be wrong at any time, and may not even be correct at the time of posting.