Modular, opensource, high performance G-code interpreter and CNC controller written in Object-Oriented C++
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Juicyware Overview

Juicyware is a fork of Smoothieware that is supports the extended functionalities of Juicyboard, which is a modular robotics hardware platform based on NXP's LPC1769 processor. Compiling Juicyware goes exactly like compiling Smoothieware.

NOTE: you must use GNU ARM toolchain 4.8 2014q1-20140314 for best compatibility results.

Change Notes

These are feature deviations between Smoothieware and Juicyware

  • src/libs/Kernel.cpp
    • Added uart0_disable_checksum to allow the user to disable UART0 functionality
    • Implemented low level UART0 disable
  • src/libs/SlowTicker.cpp
    • Eliminated the ability enter MRI mode using the ISP button, this frees up the pin for the user
  • src/libs/SlowTicker.h
    • Removed ispbtn variable;
  • src/main.cpp
    • Added include and instantiation lines for R1000A and R1001 modules
    • Commented out CurrentControl() module, which is only applicable to smoothieboard hardware
  • src/modules/JuicyBoard/R1000A/R1000A.cpp src/modules/JuicyBoard/R1000A/R1000A.h
    • Added R1000A module, includes required core functions for R1000A board and all modules
  • src/modules/JuicyBoard/R1000A_I2C/R1000A_I2C.cpp src/modules/JuicyBoard/R1000A_I2C/R1000A_I2C.h
    • Added I2C class for all R1000A and module communications
  • src/modules/JuicyBoard/R1001/R1001.cpp src/modules/JuicyBoard/R1001/R1001.h
    • Added R1001 module for all stepper motor extended functions
  • src/modules/robot/Robot.cpp
    • For axes stepper motors: added the required code to decode step, enable and direction pins for a given slot number
  • src/modules/tools/extruder/Extruder.cpp
    • For extruder stepper motors: added the required code to decode step, enable and direction pins for a given slot number
  • src/modules/tools/zprobe/DeltaCalibrationStrategy.cpp
    • Copied c278507 from smoothieware edge
  • src/modules/tools/zprobe/ZProbe.cpp
    • Copied d53d9df from smoothieware edge
  • src/modules/utils/currentcontrol/CurrentControl.cpp src/modules/utils/currentcontrol/CurrentControl.h src/modules/utils/currentcontrol/DigipotBase.h src/modules/utils/currentcontrol/ad5206.h src/modules/utils/currentcontrol/mcp4451.h
    • Removed smoothieboard current control module files
  • src/modules/utils/simpleshell/SimpleShell.cpp src/modules/utils/simpleshell/SimpleShell.h
    • Added mod command extention for Juicyboard and its modules