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FROM ubuntu:20.04
RUN apt-get update && \
DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get upgrade -y
RUN DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install -y git \
cmake doxygen valgrind clang autoconf flex bison libreadline-dev \
automake libtool make texinfo pkg-config libpam0g-dev python3-pytest \
libc-ares-dev python3-dev libsystemd-dev python-ipaddress python3-sphinx \
install-info build-essential libsystemd-dev libsnmp-dev perl \
libcap-dev python2 libpcre3-dev libtool m4 debhelper devscripts \
iproute2 llvm libffi-dev
## Installing manual dependencies
# 1. json-c
RUN git clone jsonc
WORKDIR /opt/jsonc
RUN git checkout json-c-0.15
RUN mkdir build
WORKDIR /opt/jsonc/build
RUN cmake \
.. && make && make install
# 2. libyang
RUN git clone libyang
WORKDIR /opt/libyang
RUN git checkout debian/libyang-0.16.105-2
RUN mkdir build
WORKDIR /opt/libyang/build
RUN cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:String="Release" \
make && make install
# libxbgp
RUN git clone libxbgp
WORKDIR /opt/libxbgp
RUN git submodule update --init --recursive
RUN make
# Plugins folder
RUN git clone xbgp_plugins
WORKDIR /opt/xbgp_plugins
RUN make LIBXBGP=/opt/libxbgp/include
# xbgp_bird
RUN git clone xbgp_bird
WORKDIR /opt/xbgp_bird
RUN git checkout xbgp_compliant
RUN autoreconf -i && \
./configure \
--prefix=/usr \
--sysconfdir=/etc/bird \
--localstatedir=/var/run/bird \
--runstatedir=/var/run/bird \
LIBUBPF=/opt/libxbgp \
HUBPF=/opt/libxbgp/include \
XBGP=/opt/xbgp_plugins && \
make && make install
# xbgp_frrouting
# preparing dependencies for FRRouting
RUN groupadd -r -g 92 frr
RUN groupadd -r -g 85 frrvty
RUN adduser --system --ingroup frr --home /var/run/frr/ \
--gecos "FRR suite" --shell /sbin/nologin frr
RUN usermod -a -G frrvty frr
RUN git clone xbgp_frr
WORKDIR /opt/xbgp_frr
RUN git checkout stable/7.3-xbgp
RUN ./ && ./configure \
--prefix=/usr \
--includedir=\${prefix}/include \
--enable-exampledir=\${prefix}/share/doc/frr/examples \
--bindir=\${prefix}/bin \
--sbindir=\${prefix}/lib/frr \
--libdir=\${prefix}/lib/frr \
--libexecdir=\${prefix}/lib/frr \
--localstatedir=/var/run/frr \
--sysconfdir=/etc/frr \
--with-moduledir=\${prefix}/lib/frr/modules \
--with-libyang-pluginsdir=\${prefix}/lib/frr/libyang_plugins \
--enable-configfile-mask=0640 \
--enable-logfile-mask=0640 \
--enable-snmp=agentx \
--enable-multipath=64 \
--enable-user=frr \
--enable-group=frr \
--enable-vty-group=frrvty \
--with-pkg-extra-version=-xbgp \
--enable-systemd=yes \
UBPF_LIB=/opt/libxbgp \
UBPF_INC=/opt/libxbgp/include \
XBGP_INC=/opt/xbgp_plugins && \
make && make install
RUN install -m 775 -o frr -g frr -d /var/log/frr && \
install -m 775 -o frr -g frrvty -d /etc/frr && \
install -m 755 -o frr -g frrvty -d /etc/frr/plugins && \
install -m 640 -o frr -g frrvty tools/etc/frr/vtysh.conf /etc/frr/vtysh.conf && \
install -m 640 -o frr -g frr tools/etc/frr/frr.conf /etc/frr/frr.conf && \
install -m 640 -o frr -g frr tools/etc/frr/daemons.conf /etc/frr/daemons.conf && \
install -m 640 -o frr -g frr tools/etc/frr/manifest.json /etc/frr/plugins/manifest.json && \
install -m 640 -o frr -g frr tools/etc/frr/extra_conf.json /etc/frr/plugins/extra_conf.json && \
install -m 640 -o frr -g frr tools/etc/frr/daemons /etc/frr/daemons
# this helper is used to launch the protocol of your choice
# Usage example :
# ./xproto frr start # will launch frrouting
# USAGE: xproto [frr|bird] [start|stop]
COPY ./xproto /usr/bin/xproto
# This is an example
# We now show how to load a plugin on FRR BGP at startup time
# first you'll need a manifest that will contains pluginst to be loaded
# We will use the one located at /opt/xbgp_plugins/hello_world/manifest.json
RUN cp /opt/xbgp_plugins/hello_world/manifest.json /etc/frr/plugins/manifest.conf
# we add the compiled plugin to the same folder as the manifest
RUN cp /opt/xbgp_plugins/hello_world/reject_route_attr_42.o /etc/frr/plugins
CMD /bin/bash