A demo of Weave and Flocker as official Docker plugins using compose and swarm
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Unofficial Plugins Demo

Using Flocker and Weave with the Docker platform

Watch the video

See https://plugins-demo-2015.github.io/

Then come back here to try it yourself with Vagrant!

Vagrant Quickstart

You will also need Vagrant 1.7.2 and Virtualbox installed.


$ git clone git@github.com/plugins-demo-2015/demo
$ cd demo
$ make -C vagrantrunner

This will use pre-packed boxes that has everything installed - start 2 VMs and then install the Flocker and Weave plugins.

This box uses the Docker experimental binary and patched versions of Swarm and Compose:

Once the boxes have started - you should create the weave network on each of the nodes and start the swarm master:

$ cd vagrantrunner
$ bash create_network.sh
$ bash launch_scope.sh
$ bash swarm_manage.sh

Then in another shell, SSH into the master:

$ cd vagrantrunner
$ vagrant ssh master

Then we check that swarm is working and that the plugins are running, then bring up the app using docker-compose:

master# export DOCKER_HOST=localhost:2378
master# docker info
master# cd /vagrant/app
master# docker-compose up -d
master# docker ps -a | grep redis

Then we start the HTTP load balancer that opens up the open to the outside world:

master# cd /vagrant
master# bash run_proxy.sh

Now we can load the app in a browser:

Click around and add some Docker logos onto the screen.

Now we migrate the stateful database to another node.

master# docker-compose stop
master# docker-compose rm -f
master# vim docker-compose.yml # switch "runner" and "master" in the redis constraint
master# docker-compose up -d
master# docker ps -a | grep redis

Observe that the database is both still accessible (thanks to Weave) and still has its data (thanks to Flocker).