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Datainjection GLPI plugin

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This plugin allows data import into GLPI using CSV files.

It allows to create models of injection for a future re-use. It's been created in order to:

  • import data coming from others asset management softwares
  • inject electronic delivery forms

Data to be imported using the plugins are:

  • inventory data (except softwares and licenses),
  • management data (contract, contact, supplier),
  • configuration data (user, group, entity).


We maintain a detailed documentation here -> Documentation


For notices about major changes and general discussion of datainjection, subscribe to the /r/glpi subreddit. You can also chat with us via IRC in #glpi on freenode or @glpi on Telegram.

Professional Services

GLPI Network

The GLPI Network services are available through our Partner's Network. We provide special training, bug fixes with editor subscription, contributions for new features, and more.

Obtain a personalized service experience, associated with benefits and opportunities.


  • Open a ticket for each bug/feature so it can be discussed
  • Follow development guidelines
  • Refer to GitFlow process for branching
  • Work on a new branch on your own fork
  • Open a PR that will be reviewed by a developer


  • Code: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL-2.0).