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@btry btry released this Mar 11, 2019

This version is a bugfix of 2.7.0. One of those fixes required a bump to 2.8.0.

It is compatible with GLPI 9.3 and 9.4.

Bug Fixes

  • checkboxesfield: handle case when one option is selcted (5cee1a5)
  • dropdownfield: bad entity restriction (e9c27dd)
  • dropdownfield: bad subtree handling for ITIL category (a62e764)
  • form: fix anonymous file upload (a13ec8b)
  • form: import of entity and category (2e3beea)
  • formanswer: use of non-eistent field for count (fb30d55)
  • glpiobject,dropdown: formanswer must display name, not the ID (db24ae9)
  • install: remvoe rename of the plugin from upgtrade to 2.7 (6e03e21)
  • install: rename of the plugin in 2.8, not 2.7 (e176d3c)
  • issue: rebuild of issues table (eec8012)
  • question,section: escaping bug on duplication (971339f)
  • questionrange,questionregex: bad var names (978a116)
  • section: escape questions to duplciate (9786afa)
  • targetchange: add users from question of type actors (fcb357b)
  • targetchange: category not assigned (7f840df)
  • wizard: compatibility accross versions od font awesome (2462ca4)
  • rename the plugin (2f5c27f), closes #1264


  • glpiselect: add Project in the supported list (eae0a3b)
  • issue: add qtip for ticket types (4edcd06)
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