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@btry btry released this Aug 22, 2019 · 11 commits to develop since this release

This version is compatible with GLPI 9.3 and is compatible with GLPI 9.4.

2.8.4 (2019-08-21)

Bug Fixes

  • dropdownfield: restrict itemtypes assignables to ticket (98a76f2)
  • dropdownfield: unwanted single quote escaping when rendering target ticket (c149cd4)
  • form: anonymous forms don't load JS (9d3ae4e)
  • form: duplicate question conditions (552fe39)
  • form: import of form category with single quote (39f98da)
  • formanswer: better restrict list of formanswers (b918f21)
  • formanswer: more permissive READ access to formanswers (e2eda19)
  • glpiobject: make items more easily searchable (0fd617b)
  • instal: useless columns in schema of fresh install (8f54c95)
  • install: database schema inconsistencies between instal and upgrade (46ac7ad)
  • install: inconsistency between install and upgrade (3c8b0b2)
  • install: move columns in somez tables (2cecff7)
  • install: possible upgrade issue (d50c7f6)
  • install: upgrade to 2.7 misses range for select and textarea (61e49d6)
  • integerfield,floadfield: avoid integrity checks in parseAnswerValue (3cbaf61)
  • issue: missing status for all statuses (41cdc48)
  • locales: drop unwanted file (a7429eb)
  • question: handle cascaded show/hide conditions (76718c1)
  • selectfield: select field cannot support range (5138ac1)
  • tagfield: show in saved answers the tag names (19a6c2b)
  • tags: bad tag filter when selecting tags for target ticket (299ba2c)
  • target_actor,change_actor: fix duplciation (772fecd)
  • targetticket: fix tags handling (47db2d8)
  • targetticket,targetchange: fix not rendered fields (fd25d4e)
  • targetticket,targetchange: remove HTML code tag (e7cabe7)
  • targetticket,targetchange: remove more code tags (a32b056)
  • wizard: form categories may show when they are empty (37edabf)
  • wizard: inconsistency between helpesk and service catalog (a41bbe4)


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