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@btry btry released this Oct 3, 2019 · 29 commits to support/2.9.0 since this release

This versions is compatible with GLPI 9.4.

This is a beta version, it is not ready for production. Please test it and feedback any bug you may find.

Bug Fixes

  • category: bad conversion from raw SQL to quiery builder (9cbbfe7)
  • dropdownfield: typo in method call (dd30b30)
  • dropdownfield: various errors (2134e8e)
  • dropdownfield: wrong var in join (e4fdff3)
  • dropdownfield: wrong var in where (cce35fa)
  • field: default value for most fields (f05f2de)
  • form: bad classname (6ef88de)
  • form: bad method name (af42d41)
  • form: broken add target form (c591a48)
  • form: duplicated form needs a different name (404232b)
  • form: get form from question ID (2d28fe3)
  • form: have default values for color and icon (c2e360e)
  • form: import of forms in non existing entity (00ae3b1)
  • form: menu name to access form from assistance menu (abd9860)
  • form: requests for helpdesk home forms (983c9ca)
  • form: SQL errors when counting available forms (66a0337)
  • form: validator setting broken (e431d5d)
  • form_profile: broken restrictions settings (cd26e03)
  • form_profile: undeclared vars (a6c07f3)
  • formanswer: fix code refactor (70bc39d)
  • formanswer: use of undefined variables (363366f)
  • install: add new colomns for upgrade (9c5d50f)
  • install: bad associate rule default on upgrade (cd4007b)
  • install: default value for a column (5eae51c)
  • install: move upgrade to 2.9 (b9ad9a3)
  • install: update matrix of version upgrade (bd9f74a)
  • install: wrong version to add item association feature in DB (3d1afa3)
  • linker: inverted arguments (0592792)
  • question: misplaced field (8d98ac8)
  • question_condition: fix non static method (f7df70f)
  • selectfield: duplicate declaration of method (45d0e34)
  • target: malformed query (4e01b38)
  • target_actor: export / import issue (a88df90)
  • targetchange,targetticket: PluginFormcreatorTarget itemtype removed (dedb412)
  • targetticket: associate item to ticket (001976f)
  • targetticket: fix tags handling (eca75f2)
  • targetticket: js error for associated element settings (3548783)
  • targetticket: missing method (5844fdd)
  • targetticket,targetchange: editing actors (87d7bc5)
  • targetticket,targetchange: errors while dropping raw queries (216265d)
  • targetticket,targetchange: fix array index (5ab2460)
  • targetticket,targetchange: fix display of actors (93597c0)
  • targetticket,targetchange: fix misuse of constants (04e6df0)
  • targetticket,targetchange: return value of save() method (fa4f785)
  • targetticket,targetchange: set name of target (7b90ef4)
  • targetticket,targetchange: unable to select email questions for actors from questions (b466d34)
  • textarea,text: question designer adjustments (84e6b95)
  • textareafield: paste images reachs limit of field in DB (84e9c68)
  • textfield: wrong method signature (9683807)
  • wizard: form categories may show when they are empty (d3182ac)
  • wizard: inconsistency between helpesk and service catalog (9a00c27)
  • wizard: various errors displaying forms in service catalog (309e7e4)
  • bad class name (2535f4a)
  • fix refactor bugs, update unit tests (a0704de)
  • security when loading a class (0e15eac)


  • dropdownfield: root and depth settings for all CommonTreeDropdown (2150e64)
  • form: customizable icon from Fonte Awesome (8ba9c78)
  • form: customize color of icon (3c340f3)
  • form: customize icon (7635f0e)
  • form: set background color of tile (d6e40a2)
  • ldapfield: comparisons support (1cb94ad), closes #1454
  • target: remove target itemtype (41bc125)
  • targetticket: associate assets to tickets (c9e3d1e)
  • targetticket: ticket type (fa432f7)
  • wizard: separate faqs and forms (a08541f)
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