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@btry btry released this Jan 13, 2020 · 59 commits to develop since this release

This version is compatible wih GLPI 9.4

Bug Fixes

  • useless escaping (812c76d)
  • condition: inability to add a rows to conditions (#1598) (bb1f2e4), closes #1597
  • form: bad call to count validators (e6f4bc8), closes #1594
  • form: purge message if answers exist (fa0c1dd)
  • form: show error if failure in import of a sub item (8dfab24)
  • form: typo in var name (582d37c)
  • formanswer: viewing answers causes a fatal error (5453a92)
  • formanswer: print icon (2d871a3)
  • question: quote escaping when importing questions (bb0d6d2)
  • targetticket,targetchange: loss of the target name when duplicating (897c564)
  • target_actor,form_validator: use statement for exception class (ddbc5b2)
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