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EventStreamr Station Manager
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Single and multi room audio visual stream management.


Your best bet is to install using cpanm + local::lib. This will install everything under your user directory and will avoid polluting your system perl libraries. It's also how PLUG + LCA use it.

Grab cpanm + local::lib

$ sudo apt-get install cpanminus liblocal-lib-perl

Configure local::lib if you haven't already done so:

$ perl -Mlocal::lib >> ~/.bashrc
$ eval $(perl -Mlocal::lib)

Install from CPAN

cpanm App::EventStreamr


You can run through the host configuration wizard with '--configure'.

$ eventstreamr --configure
Welcome to the EventStreamr config utility

It will clear the current config, is this ok? y/n [n]: y
Room - For record path and controller [test_room]: 
backend - DVswitch|GSTswitch [DVswitch]: 
Mixer - Video mixer interface y/n [y]: y
host - switching host []: 
port - switching port [1234]: 
$room + $date can be used as variables in the path and
will correctly be set and created at run time
recordpath -  [/tmp/$room/$date]: 
Ingest - audio/video ingest y/n [y]: 
Enable 'Oculus VR Inc. Camera DK2' for ingest [y]: n
Enable 'Chicony Electronics Co.  Ltd. ASUS USB2.0 Webcam' for ingest [y]: 
Enable 'C-Media Electronics, Inc. ' for ingest [y]: 

Config written successfully

Command Line

You can list out the devices available using '--devices'

$ eventstreamr --devices
ID (Type) - Name
video0 (V4L) - Oculus VR Inc. Camera DK2
video1 (V4L) - Chicony Electronics Co.  Ltd. ASUS USB2.0 Webcam
0d8c:0008 (ALSA) - C-Media Electronics, Inc. 


A station can have one or more roles. Only one controller can manage stations.


  • controller - Web based frontend for managing stations
  • ingest - alsa/dv/v4l capture for sending to mixer
  • mixer - DVswitch/streaming live mixed video. With the intention for this to be easily replaced by gstswitch
  • stream - stream mixed video
  • record - stream mixed video
  • sync - rsync files to a central server (requires keyless ssh to be configured)


  • baseimage - docs, notes, and tools for the base (OS) image
  • station - station management scripts
  • controller - controller stack

Station Script Requirements

See package.deps for list of packages required

Known Issues

A list of known issues that cause minor problems, but have workarounds.

Daemon dies when alsa device isn't present on start

  • Ensure all configured ALSA devices are plugged in on boot

Correctly Restart on Date Change

  • Reboot or Restart the EventStreamr Daemon (pressing update from the controller will restart it)
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