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All your music, the best of it, by your own admission
Objective-C Ruby
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"It's like a better genius playlist generator because it makes you the genius"

Based on this tweet:


For realz.

Created with macruby 0.10. Should work down to 0.5 I believe.


  • Need an empty playlist named "Top Tracks" or create your own and change the PLAYLIST const.
  • Adjust the DELIMITER to your liking. Mine plays out nicely at 3-5.


The algorithm takes the average play count (disregarding the highest and lowest count for good measure) for each album, and then se​​lects any songs in that album with a play count > DELIMITER

To run:

just run macruby counter.rb

Problem solving:

There shouldn't be any. If there are, you may need to build the iTunes bridge support files for your machine. Simply run:

sdef /Applications/ | sdp -fh --basename iTunes and gen_bridge_metadata -c '-I.' iTunes.h > iTunes.bridgesupport

What to do with it:

Listen to good music. ???. Profit.



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