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  • Git
  • A Pivotal Tracker account
  • Github account (not necessary, but if you're using PT, you probably already have it).


gem install git-pivot


Make. Moar. Awesome.

Also, it'd be cool to make tracker engines configurable. For example, maybe I want to use GH Issues over PT, or maybe Lighthouse. Should be easy to make extendable since the Tracker/Repo drivers are separated out.


  • Fork
  • Get coffee
  • Add code/fix bugs
  • Please test
  • Pull request with good a explaination of change.
  • Celebrate!


Some people (mostly myself) are asking themselves if I'm ripping off the wonderful: GitPivotal gem. The answer is most definitely yes. I liked what Jeff Tucker was trying to accomplish, my workflow was just different and a little more disorganized. My PT is not as orderly as the workflow his gem tries to enforce (maybe it should be). But whatever the case, I am a fan of GitPivotal and I tried to show that by making a better version here using some of the ideas found there. No hate :)


MIT. See the LICENSE file.