A Rails engine for interacting with the Readability API
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Simply include

gem readability

in your Gemfile. bundle, and then run

rails g readability:install

This will create a readability.yml file in your config dir. All you'll need to configure at that point is to add your consumer key/secret and then add readabilify into controllers you want to use Readability api methods within.

To check if you have access, you can use before_filter or simply check with the readabilified? method:

before_filter :readabilified?

Once you want to make API calls to Readability, use the readability method to make calls. For example:

readabilty :bookmarks, {favorite: true}  # return a listing of all the bookmarks which are favorited.
readabilty :article, params[id]  # return an article

API Docs

I'm working on documenting more of the code and putting together an actual API, but really, it just references the Readability API, found at http://readability.com/publishers/api.


This is a pretty basic API, so do your worst:

  • fork
  • fix
  • write tests (yes I know I didn't...)
  • pull request!