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== 0.1.8
* Add --no-proxy option for dealing with https and services behind proxies ( plukevdh)
* Update test suite for 1.9.2
== 0.1.7
* Exit with specific exit status (for monitoring/good unix citizen).
* Kill only after all options have been parsed.
== 0.1.6
* Fixed: FileUtils no longer loaded by default
== 0.1.5 2010-03-09
* Fixed: Gracefully catch error when thin isnt available (nevans)
== 0.1.4 2010-02-09
* Fixed: Logging on Ruby 1.9 (greatseth)
* Fixed: Dont chdir when daemonizing (messes up filesystem paths in apps)
* Fixed: Test cases and dev installation (greatseth)
* New: You can set the app_dir, pid file, log file and others via command line
== 0.1.3 2010-01-08
* Fixed: Runner escapes :app_name to make it a valid string for using in paths (thanks greatseth!)
* Fixed: Runner respects a server setting on Sinatra apps to use that specific Rack handler. (thanks greatseth!)
* New: Tested against Rack 1.1
== 0.1.2 2009-12-28
* New
* method: #load_config_file(path) reads a file and then eval's its contents within the scope of the app.
* options: :before_run can take a Proc which is called after the options are parsed and before the app is run
== 0.1.1 2009-11-18
* Repackaged with Jeweler, fixed dependency issues and removed other dev artifacts
== 0.1.0 2009-08-30
* New:
* options[:start] = false will keep the app from actually starting (useful for defining your own start/stop commands)
* options[:launch_path] Takes a string or an object that responds to call (proc/lambda) that gets the runner as its only argument. This allows you to easily manipulate options or args to launch the app to a specific path. See latest gembox for example.
* Changed:
* Sinatra is no longer a dependency! Vegas can now run pure Rack apps.
* All methods for starting an app are grouped into Runner#start
* launch! and start both take an optional path string to launch the app to.
== 0.0.4 2009-08-09
* new -L (--skip-launch) option doesn't launch the web browser (thanks bmabey!)
* rubygems is required only on LoadError
== 0.0.3 2009-07-06
* Vegas::Runner is now Windows compatible (require win32-process gem)
* Includes daemon-ization
* PID tracking
* Vegas::WINDOWS is a top level boolean
* Vegas is no longer dependent on Launchy
* launching browser is done simply with open/start depending on platform
== 0.0.1 2009-04-13
* 1 major enhancement:
* Initial release