Commits on Sep 28, 2017
  1. Fix typos

    leafac committed Sep 28, 2017
    1. The cache name is ‘$in’, not ‘in’.
    2. The escape character in Scribble is ‘@’, not ‘$’.
    3. The Figure in question is 10, not 11.
    (It’s kind of funny that 2 made into the paper. At first I was wondering
    if you had used Scribble, but at that point I was sure, even before
    looking at the sources 😛)
    There’s actually a fourth bug: on § 10, there’s a psychologically bad
    line break [1] before the reference [King 1976]. Unfortunately, I don’t
    know how to fix this in Scribble. A hint might be the name of the
    citation form, ‘~cite’, which seems to indicate that it inserts a
    non-breaking space before the citation (in TeX, a non-breaking space is
    spelled ‘~’, hence my intuition). If this is right, then the solution is
    simple: everywhere this form is used, remove the space right before it,
    for example, ‘closely@~cite{dvanhorn:King1976Symbolic}’.
    This was an interesting and fun paper to read. Thank you for your work.
    [1]: The TeXbook. Donald Ervin Knuth.