Fork of the open source Stardust library version 1.3.186. Contains bugfixes and new features.
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Fork of the Stardust particle engine.

First commit is exactly the same as Stardust 1.3.186.

###Changes from the original library:

  • Bugfixes and new features for the 2D part of the library.
  • Classes that act as handlers for 3D libraries are removed because most of them are not in development anymore or the handlers are written for very old versions. Furthermore they introduce lots of dependencies to the library. This means the following packages:
    • threeD/alternativa3d
    • threeD/away3d
    • threeD/away3dlite
    • threeD/flare3d
    • threeD/nd3d
    • threeD/papervision3d
    • threeD/zedbox

###Readme of the original library:

Stardust - ActionScript 3.0 Particle Engine

by CJ Cat (Allen Chou)

First of all, I'd like to thank you for using Stardust.This really means a lot to me.

If you've found any bugs or you have any suggestions to this engine, please drop a word at the project homepage or send me an e-mail.

If you use Stardust in your public project, it's highly appreciated if you mention Stardust in your project. And I would be glad if you send me a link to your work.

Any feedback is highly welcome and appreciated.

Hope you have a good time using this engine.