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Loading and playback library for the stardust simulations made with the stardust editor. You can check out the examples directory how to use it.

##.sde file format specification 1.0

.sde are Stardust simulation files created in the stardust editor. They can be played back by this library. The file is actually a .zip file that is compressed with store only option.

It contains the following files:

  • descriptor.json
  • emitterImage_[number].png : The bitmap that is used to render the particles from emitter [number], always in .png format. There are always the same number of these as emitters.
  • stardustEmitter_[number].xml : The stardust simulation descriptor for emitter [number]. A single project can contain unlimited number of emitters (but more than 8-10 can severely impact performance).

descriptor.json specification: This is a JSON file containing settings for the simulation, an example how it can look:

	"version": 1,
	"backgroundColor": 0,
    "backgroundFileName": "background.png",
	"hasBackground": "true"

backgroundColor is the color of the background in the editor. Ignored if hasBackground is false.

backgroundFileName is the filename of the background. Either a .png or a .swf file.

Note that backgroundColor, backgroundFileName and the hasBackground properties are ignored by the playback component. They are meant for easier creation of effects in the simulation editor.