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This is a set of programs that help you manipulate .html files.


The "html-update" family of programs automatically updates text on a webpage that you maintain.

  • html-update-toc updates a webpage's table of contents, in place. Documentation at top of file.

  • html-toc computes a webpage's table of contents, based on its header tags (<h1>, <h2>, etc.). It is used by html-update-toc and is rarely called directly. Documentation at top of file.

  • html-update-link-dates updates webpage text that refers to the date and/or size of a linked-to file. Documentation at top of file.


Makes each HTML file in a directory use the given favicon. A favicon is a favorites icon, which appears in browser tabs. Documentation at top of file.

Hevea helpers

Hevea is a LaTeX-to-HTML translator. Sometimes it needs a little help.

  • hevea-retarget-crossrefs replaces HTML cross-references of the form <a href="#htoc123"> by cross-references to named labels, such as <a href="#introduction">. The former variety (which is generated, for example, by the Hevea program) is brittle, as it may change from run to run of Hevea. Documentation at top of file.

  • hevea-add-verbatim-linenos replaces "??" that should be line numbers, by the actual line numbers, read from an aux file. Documentation at top of file.

Lists of URLs

These files are used by the bibtex2web program.

  • html-canonical-urls maps a textual string (such as the name of a person, institution, er event) to the canonical URL for that string, such as the person's homepage.

  • html-valid-urls is a list of URLs that are valid, even though an automated link-checker may indicate that they are invalid.

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