Analytics support for media elements in Plone using Piwik & MediaElement.js
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collective.piwik.mediaelement displays a video play counter for Plone sites that use collective.mediaelementjs (
A download counter is displayed when used in combination with ( or Plumi (

Usage data is stored and retrieved by Piwik (, an open source analytics platform.

How to get it working

 - Install collective.piwik.core and collective.mediaelementjs from the Plone control panel.
 - You need to have access to a working Piwik installation. Create a new site in the Piwik admin UI and a new user who should have view access for that site.
 - Go to the Piwik Settings page in the Plone control panel and enter the URL of your Piwik instance, the siteId and the user's authentication token
 - Upload a video that can be played by mediaelementjs and click play

If you do the above a viewlet should appear on top of mediaelementjs displaying the number of views of each video. 


The product was created by (