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What is this?

A set of programs and parameter files necessary for the National Tax Administration Agency, a Japanese government agency, to download data of "corporate number" released on a monthly basis from the authority's site, apply processing, load it into the Oracle Database table is.

What is value of using this?

You will be released from boring work, because this scrape the download site on your behalf.
Just repeat the seven commands, you will be able to get the latest corporate number table on the DB.

Tell me how to use.

Do it before you start using this.

  1. Prepare a Windows machine.
  2. Install the Firefox browser on it.
  3. Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 or later.
  4. Install Python 3 language processor.
    • pip install --upgrade pip
    • pip install selenium
  5. Install Mozilla GeckoDriver.
  6. Add place of python.exe and GeckoDriver into PATH variable.
  7. git clone
  8. cd /d path/to/houjin_bangou
  9. nmake EXE="adaptor.exe" OBJS="adaptor.obj" CPPFLAGS="/nologo /EHsc /Zi /O2"
  10. sqlplus user/passwd@alias @HOUJIN_BANGOU.sql

Do it when you want to refresh.

  1. python
  2. adaptor *all????????.csv
  3. rename 00_houjin_bangou.csv 00_houjin_bangou_zenken.csv
  4. adaptor diff_????????.csv
  5. rename 00_houjin_bangou.csv 00_houjin_bangou_sabun.csv
  6. sqlldr USERID=user/passwd@alias control=HOUJIN_BANGOU DIRECT=Y ROWS=500000
  7. sqlldr USERID=user/passwd@alias control=HOUJIN_BANGOU_VIEW DIRECT=N ROWS=1000 READSIZE=10000000 BINDSIZE=10000000