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This is a mandatory upgrade for exchanges, pool owners and other service providers.

What's new/fixed:

  • LWMA-2/3 Difficulty Algorithm by Zawy (zawy12/difficulty-algorithms#3)
  • Limits of reorganization depth to mined money unlock window
  • Does not reorganize to alternative chain if it lacks at least one transaction from the public chain (51%-attack protection)
  • Disallow of merged mining tag in the coinbase transaction
  • Stops offline timestamp attacks with Poisson check (thanks to RYO Currency Project
  • DNS checkpoints
  • Transaction private key to prove sending
  • RPC methods to check transaction with its private key or private view key
  • Changed block template
  • Changed block version to V5
  • Various fixes and improvements

How to setup:

  1. Stop daemon
  2. Delete existing blockchain data in .pluracoin
  3. Download and unpack fixed blockchain from
  4. Download and build current release make -j<n_threads>
  5. Start daemon
  6. Reset your wallet to get correct wallet info

Possible issues:

  • There's still longer chain (~3 days) on the network with V4 blocks with whom you can't sync to. If you have a problem syncing with fresh 1.6.0 (V5 block) nodes then delete p2pstate.bin and poolstate.bin from the folder .pluracoin. Then start daemon with exclusive nodes (seeds) like

./pluracoind --add-exclusive-node= --add-exclusive-node= --add-exclusive-node= --add-exclusive-node= --add-exclusive-node=

Pools operating 'cryptonote-forknote-pool' or compatible software (like should update Node-Cryptonote-Util to this version:

Pools operating 'cryptonote-nodejs-pool' should change config on hardfork height. The changes in config are:

"daemonType": "default",
"cnAlgorithm": "cryptonight",
"cnVariant": 0,
"cnBlobType": 0,
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@pluracoin pluracoin released this Oct 28, 2018 · 9 commits to master since this release

Burning bug fix:

  • burning transactions are not processed in a wallet
  • if duplicate output key is seen wallet throws an error
  • wallet checks against existing output keys loaded in memory
  • if walet is reset it will check all the transactions against burning bug
  • when burned transaction is found the log row is like: ERROR Failed to process transaction: duplicate transaction output key is found, transaction hash 2729459ef1bd9b07974ef23d08e9a2d7192cb2ea3dfc20d790c7ea5e5dcdaf8d

Other features

  • added new JSON RPC methods
  • sign/verify message
  • use transaction private key to prove sending
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@pluracoin pluracoin released this Apr 17, 2018 · 22 commits to master since this release

Release v.1.5.0

If you have problems with syncing blockchain download latest blockchain version here

Hardfork with rollback to block 20,890 - sync your blockchain from scratch!
New difficulty algo LWMA with harmonic mean difficulty
Simplewallet improvements, new commands and RPC methods
Various bugfixes

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Mar 5, 2018
Minor fix
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