Run daemon as a service

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You should run the service under your sudo user, for example user `pluracoin`

 su - pluracoin

Create the service via your favourite text editor

 sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/pluracoind.service

Add the following blocks to the file and adjust username and path to pluracoind daemon

 ExecStart=/home/pluracoin/pluracoin/build/release/src/pluracoind --rpc-bind-ip=

Save the file and run

 sudo systemctl daemon-reload
 sudo systemctl enable pluracoind.service
 sudo systemctl start pluracoind.service

Now the pluracoind service seems to hang - that's because the system waits for success exit status but the service is not sending it event it is running fine. So don't worry, just press Ctrl + C to get back to shell. The service is running on the background now. Check it with `top` or `htop` command.

You can also check the pluracoind.service status with

 systemctl status pluracoind.service

Congrats! Your pluracoind daemon runs on the background.

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