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hack.guides() is an open-source CMS based on Markdown and Github written by-developers, for-developers. The CMS is open-source (this repo). All the content i.e. hacker guides are also stored in an open-source Github repo located here. See the official hack.guides() website for an example of what a running version of this CMS looks like.

The aspiration of hack.guides() is to be an open-source community movement to help bring knowledge to the world. Software developers learn new skills, and collaborate together on technical writing. Ultimately we aspire to have this content delivered to other spoken languages through a community of volunteer translators. Our vision is to democratize professional technology learning.

hack.guides() is subsidized by Pluralsight. It is open-sourced via the AGPL 3.0 license.

Developer Documentation

Please see the following documentation on Read the Docs for more detailed documentation of the code of the CMS.

Getting Involved

We're working to keep making this community project better. You have great ideas and expertise that could help us! Take a look at our current issues and let us know where we can improve. See something you can fix? Send us a Pull Request!

Please join our Slack community to be in touch for fastest response.