C library for typing memory blocks and Python module
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ndtypes is a package for typing raw memory blocks using a close variant of the datashape type language.


libndtypes implements the type part of a compiler frontend. It can describe C types needed for array computing and additionally includes symbolic types for the purposes of dynamic type checking.

libndtypes has the concept of abstract and concrete types. Concrete types contain the exact data layout and all sizes that are required to access subtypes or individual elements in memory.

Abstract types are for type checking and include functions, symbolic dimensions and type variables. Module support is planned at a later stage.

Concrete types with rich layout information make it possible to write relatively small container libraries that can traverse memory without type erasure.


ndtypes (Python module)

The ndtypes Python module implements bindings for libndtypes. Its purpose is to support the type part required for the xnd container module.




libndtypes/ndtypes was created by Stefan Krah. The funding that made this project possible came from Anaconda Inc. and currently from Quansight LLC.