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Brand Assets

Company Description | Logos | Colors | Fonts

This page is intended to share the vital info that might be needed by Pluribus Digital staff, partners, etc. when referencing the company. For example, a partner might want our logo for a proposal, or we might need to share similar information when sponsoring an event.

See also: Brand Guide & Voice

Company Description

Pluribus Digital is a small woman-owned digital services firm supporting public service missions, primarily the federal government. Government services are becoming less about paper and manual processing and more about providing services as great digital products. Pluribus helps government organizations with this digital service transformation with hands-on services.

  • Design: Drive great user experiences using approaches like human centered design, design thinking and service design.
  • Development: Build and support software using modern development practices like agile and open source software.
  • DevOps: Collaborate across silos to automate compliance and deliver frequently.
  • Data: Manage data as a first-class asset to support analytics and open data sharing.
... Additional Details
Full Company Name Solution Technology Systems, Inc. d/b/a Pluribus Digital
Address 2300 Wilson Blvd #700
Arlington, VA 22201
Twitter @pluribusd
LinkedIn PluribusDigital
Socioeconomic Status Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
DUNS 92-775-5033
GSA Schedule 70 Contract GS‐35F‐404DA
CIO-SP3 SB Contract 75N98120D00076
Capability Statement Pluribus Digital 1-page Capability Statement


  • 518210 – Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
  • 541511 – Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 541512 – Computer Systems Design Services
  • 541519 – Other Computer Related Services
  • 541611 – Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541618 – Other Management Consulting Services
  • 541690 – Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
  • 541990 – All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • 611420 – Computer Training


Logo Usage Guidelines

  • Do not change the logo. Do not edit, re-arrange, re-color, change part of the text portion, etc. Do not change the aspect ratio (width as compared to height).

  • Use an appropriate file type for the medium. Use vector formats (SVG) when possible. Use an appropriate resolution raster format (PNG) otherwise. Avoid pixelation or blurring by not using a too-small file.

  • Use an appropriate background color. The color logo is meant to be set on very light (white or close) or very dark (black or close) backgrounds. The single-color versions can be used in a wider variety of backgrounds.

Logo Variations

Logos are available below. Note that some that are designed for dark backgrounds may display faintly or not at all. Click through to see the logo file or view the parent directory. Additionally, logos are in a PowerPoint file for ready copy and paste.

Logo Format Color on White Color on Black Black on White White on Black
"P" (No Text) Color P Logo Color P Logo 1 color black-only P logo 1 color white-only P logo
"Tall" (Text Below) Color Pluribus Digital vertical logo, black text Color Pluribus Digital vertical logo, white text 1 color black-only Pluribus Digital vertical logo with text 1 color white-only vertical logo with text
"Wide" (Text to Right) Color Pluribus Digital wide logo, black text Color Pluribus Digital wide logo, white text 1 color black-only Pluribus Digital wide logo with text 1 color white-only P logo

Logo/Brand Colors

Dark Red
C: 15		R: 190
M: 100		G: 30
Y: 90		B: 45
K: 10		#be1e2d

C: 0		R: 238
M: 90		G: 64
Y: 85		B: 54
K: 0		#ee4036

C: 0		R: 250
M: 35		G: 175
Y: 85		B: 64
K: 0		#faaf40

C: 80		R: 0
M: 0		G: 182
Y: 20		B: 205
K: 0		#00b6cd	

Dark Blue
C: 100		R: 0
M: 50		G: 113
Y: 0		B: 187
K: 0		#0071bb

Light Blue
C: 100		R: 0
M: 0		G: 173
Y: 0		B: 238
K: 0		#00adee


Logo Fonts: Proxima Nova Bold, Proxima Nova Medium

Web Site Fonts: Poppins (headers), Roboto (body)