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''Because, at any moment, there must be something interesting to see on this planet.''

This project contains both:

  • an online anonymous picture sharing application for Android.
  • the server side application for Google AppEngine.

I've started working on it in April 2011, and released an early version after the first week of coding. The app really took off in August with a peek of more than a thousand installs, and many daily users sharing their everyday life from more than 20 countries.

But I've stopped all the developement in September when Google announced the end of the Appengine Preview mode and the increase of their hosting rates, as I was unable to quickly find a way to monetize the app. Today my new job is taking me too much time to continue this project, and I think I would prefer to start a new one anyway.

From the beginning, it was one of my aim to make this app Opensource, but it was way too far in my todo list (what a mistake). So here it is for the community. I hope it will help people on Android coding, even if I think the API will change too quickly.


alt text alt text

alt text alt text

Some of the latest reviews

alt text

Someone at Google office using one of the early version:

alt text alt text

=Author:= Patrick Lussan

==Special thanks:== Antoine Lecouey