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Another broken link in #18

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Jayraj Jog matt swanson Jade Dominguez
matt swanson

Thanks for the fix, I'm sure @plusjade will merge it in.

If you are looking for other things in this same area to improve on, you could change all of these links to be relative URLs - that way you can build the docs locally and all the links will be properly prefixed with localhost.

Jayraj Jog

How do you build the docs locally? I tried running

rake -f Rakefile

but it didn't work. I know practically nothing about Ruby

Also, is that the best approach? The way it is right now, I can access the docs online without building them locally. My understanding of your suggestion is to change URLs like to just usage/jekyll-quick-start.html. If a user doesn't build the docs locally, but runs

jekyll --server

like I did, just to try it out, they would have an index page full of broken links. I may have misunderstood your intention though.

matt swanson

Sorry, my wording of 'build the docs' is slightly misleading

If you checkout the gh-pages branch of the project (git checkout gh-pages) and run jekyll --server you will be serving the documentation site. Any changes to the documentation of should be done in that branch - any of the pages in the master branch will eventually be removed by the user when they create their own blog.

You will notice that if you look at the gh-pages branch, has the correct URL already and already seems to be using relative URLs.

I missed this fact when I suggested that you use relative URLs - in fact, you are correct that the master branch version should probably link directly to the official site. My apologies for leading you down a dead-end, but make sure if you are looking to fix documentation-related issues in the future that you are working in the gh-pages branch.

Jade Dominguez

Thanks @jogjayr, I imagine I have a lot of other small typos and grammar errors littered throughout ;) Seems a good number of pull requests are typos! This definitely is important though, so keep up the good work.

Jade Dominguez plusjade merged commit b7a353c into from
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Commits on Jan 21, 2012
  1. Jayraj Jog

    fixed broken link for jekyll quick start on checked and mad…

    jogjayr authored
    …e sure there are no more broken links on that page
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title: Hello World!
-Read [Jekyll Quick Start](
+Read [Jekyll Quick Start](
Complete usage and documentation available at: [Jekyll Bootstrap](
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