Demonstration of MongoDB Transactions implemented in C#
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MongoDB 4.0 Transactions Demo

Demonstration of MongoDB Transactions implemented in C#

The Conceptual Scenario

The demo code simulates a reservation pattern scenario. The use cases are:

  • A Person checks out a Tool which gets tracked in a LendingLedger.
  • A Person checks out a Tool and the LendingLedger entry is updated to "close" the lending period.
  • A Person has a ToolCount field which must reflect the number of tools checked out to a person.
  • A Tool has a HeldBy field which must point to the person who has that Tool checked out, or null if not held by anyone.
  • The LendingLedger tracks currently and past held tools. It logs the Tool id, the Person id, the CheckOutTime and the CheckInTime.
  • A Tool may only be lent out once, and is only available if not currently lent out.

Since the modeling has 3 separate entities tracking the lending operation, a transaction wraps the 2 major cases: checking in and checking out of a tool.

Running the Example

Transactions in MongoDB require a Replica Set. Make sure your Mongo server is running in Replica Set mode.

If using Docker, you can achieve this by running

docker run --name mongo-local-v40 -d -p 27017:27017 mongo:4.0 --replSet r1 

The above command will create and start a single node MongoDB version 4.0, with Replica Set name "r1".

From the admin shell, you then need to initiate the replica set:

mongo mongodb://localhost/ --eval "rs.initiate()"

When you have a local MongoDB instance running a replica set, you can build and run the example.

dotnet run .\bin\Debug\netcoreapp2.1\mongodb-transactions-csharp.dll