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TYPO3 Extension TemplaVoilà! Plus for TYPO3 v7/8/9 LTS
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stigfaerch and opi99 [BUGFIX] TYPO3 9.5 Wrong checkRecordUpdateAccess #261 (#262)
[BUGFIX] TYPO3 9.5 Wrong checkRecordUpdateAccess

Breaking API change from but returning null also works on older LTS versions.

Releases: 8.0, 7.3.2
Resolves: #261
Latest commit f0c9cc1 Sep 19, 2019
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Classes [BUGFIX] TYPO3 9.5 Wrong checkRecordUpdateAccess #261 (#262) Sep 19, 2019
Configuration [FEATURE] Implement new template handling (#260) Jul 12, 2019
Documentation [FEATURE] TYPO3 v10 compatibility ($_EXTKEY) Mar 27, 2019
Migrations/Code [TASK] Rename to TemplaVoilà Plus Mar 9, 2017
Resources [FEATURE] Implement new template handling (#260) Jul 12, 2019
Tests [FEATURE] Eliminate rootline storage_pid May 27, 2019
.gitignore [TASK] Update gitignore for IDE and OS related files Mar 3, 2017
.scrutinizer.yml [TASK] Deactivate code coverage until unit tests are written Jul 7, 2014
.travis.yml [TASK] Improve .travis.yml build matrix Mar 6, 2015
LICENSE.txt Add license information May 3, 2017 [TASK] Update readme Apr 11, 2019
TODO.txt [TASK] Remove old stuff from TODO list Feb 7, 2018
class.ext_update.php [TASK] Add Migration from Templavoilà Mar 9, 2017
composer.json [BUGFIX] Fix composer.json Nov 6, 2018
ext_conf_template.txt [FEATURE] remove deprecated basic.enable.selectDataStructure configur… May 29, 2019
ext_emconf.php [TASK] Update dependencies for minimum TYPO3 v8 LTS Nov 6, 2018
ext_icon.svg [FEATURE] Minifie Extension icon Sep 4, 2018
ext_localconf.php [FEATURE] v9+: New API for UpgradeWizards Jul 3, 2019
ext_tables.php [FEATURE] Implement new template handling (#260) Jul 12, 2019
ext_tables.sql [FEATURE] Eliminate rootline storage_pid May 27, 2019
ext_typoscript_setup.txt [FEATURE] New PageLayout module Nov 8, 2018

TemplaVoilà! Plus

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TeamplaVoilà! Plus is a templating extension for the TYPO3 content management system. It is the follow up of the popular TemplaVoilà! extension from Kasper Skårhøj prepared for modern versions of TYPO3.

Language files

If you like to help with the translation of the extension, please visit


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