ClickHouse Helm Chart
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ClickHouse Helm Chart

Fully functioning replicated ClickHouse environment. Client and Tabix UI included. By default there are 2 replicas.

It's also important to create replicated tables correctly, you may check sample schema in sample-schema.sql, which you have to execute on each node.


helm install -f ./clickhouse/values.yaml --name ch --namespace=default ./clickhouse


Works if clickhouse.withClient is true.

Log into container:

kubectl exec -it $(kubectl get pod -l app=clickhouse-client -o jsonpath="{.items[0]}") -- /bin/bash

Connect to CH node:

When using LB:

/usr/bin/clickhouse-client --host clickhouse-lb.default.svc.cluster.local


/usr/bin/clickhouse-client --host clickhouse-0.clickhouse.default.svc.cluster.local

Tabix UI

Works if tabix.enabled is true.

This chart includes as UI if you need it.

If LB is eanbled it will be running on localhost:8088

  • name: dev
  • host:port: http://localhost:8123
  • login: reader
  • password: gFzFTUQ9
  • Enable HTTP Base Auth

Monitoring with Graphite

Works when graphite.enabled is set to true.

If LB is eanbled it will be running on localhost:8080/dashboard


  • writer / 2c82mirS
  • reader / gFzFTUQ9

Build Docker image

docker build -t clickhouse-server ./clickhouse/docker


helm del --purge ch