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#15: code review

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## Code review of

1. Fork
2. `git clone`, I clone to original org name of the repo, so Go imports will still work.

### Package structure recommendations

`main.go` imports local package `anderson/anderson`, and for me it seems like a duplication in naming. It is a good practice to have `main.go` files in `cmd` folder with subfolders for each executable. And also we can move files from anderson into root folder.

1. Move main.go file, don't forget to change README and `script/ci`, `go get -u`.
2. Move files from `./anderson` to `.`
3. Use go modules, `go init` will parse Godeps. Then remove Godeps and vendor. Remove `script/deps`, change `script/ci`

export GO111MODULE=on
go mod init
go mod tidy

## Testing

We will test this program on one of my projects.

go run cmd/anderson/main.go
> Hold still citizen, scanning dependencies for contraband...
> exit status 1%!(EXTRA []interface {}=[])

Error is not meaningful.

In `fatalf` add `args...`, also change message `fatalf("could not get dependencies: %s", err.Error())`.

go run cmd/anderson/main.go
Could not find in your GOPATH...

Right, because I don't have GOPATH, since it's not required now. Go uses default `~/go` as GOPATH, let's add it.

func Gopaths() ([]string, error) {
gopath := os.Getenv("GOPATH")
if gopath == "" {
gopath = build.Default.GOPATH
if gopath == "" {
return []string{}, errors.New("GOPATH not set")
return strings.Split(gopath, ":"), nil

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